Spot 12 is Jenny Jaeckel’s graphic memoir about her experience with her newborn daughter who had to be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for almost 6 months. Graphic black and white images of anthropomorphized animal characters that are sometimes cute and sometimes chilling, convey the raw, mixed emotional edge of Jenny’s experience and that of her family.

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Spot 12 has won three awards and has garnered some great reviews! See the Media page for more details.

Advance Praise:


“A memorable and beautifully executed memoir of a newborn’s difficult first months.”

Kirkus Reviews


“If I managed a neonatal unit, I would buy a copy of the book and pass it around. For physicians and nurses, the very direct gut impact of how parents feel is brilliantly shown. For parents, it will be either harder than their own experience…or easier than their own experience but they will find comfort in how the author expresses their pain.”

—from Advances in Neonatal Care


“Jaeckel is adept at capturing the empty, helpless feeling that comes with knowing her child is suffering and not being able to do anything about it.”

—from Publishers Weekly


It’s a sad, lovely, tragic story. It reminds us how close we are to tragedy at any moment in our lives…

— Tom Hart, bestselling author of Rosalie Lightning


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Spot 12 long description:

Spot 12 delivers the gritty details of a mother, a newborn, and a five-month stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in a visually gripping graphic memoir by Jenny Jaeckel. A routine prenatal exam reveals a dangerous problem, and first-time parents find themselves thrust into a world of close calls, sleepless nights, and psychological crisis. Surrounded by disagreements, deaths, extended family tensions, and questions of faith, the mother struggles to maintain a positive frame of mind.

Against the antiseptic, mechanical reality of the NICU, the dedicated health professionals are drawn as sympathetic and wry animal characters. Doctor Eyes and Nurse Gentlehands are two of the care providers that do all they can to take care of Baby Asa. But even the best hospital staff make mistakes, and Jaeckel and her husband’s vigilance must be acute. At times they battle feelings of helplessness, but their determination, insight, bravery, and connection ultimately helps keep their little one alive.